Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Cradle Me

Cradle Me by Debby SlierCradle Me by Debby Slier by Debby Slier

Cradle boards are used by Native American mothers to carry their infants, so the mother's arms can be used for different tasks during the day. Each cradle board is unique and each tribe create their own style of boards. Slier shares a glimpse at cradle boards from around the United States. Real photographs with Native American children are on each page with an action word. There is space below each verb, so book owners can write in their language the word written in English. The final page of the book shares a miniature photo with the tribe, so readers can see the wide variety of cradle boards.

Slier shares an excellent book that will be appreciated by young children, mothers, teachers, and librarians. The pictures are large and focused on the child in the cradle board. Infants and toddlers who naturally love to meet and see other children will enjoy paging through this board book. Slier found a niche and her book is a great stepping stone for readers to learn more about the Native American culture.

Reviewed from Star Bright Books, Inc. via NetGalley

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