Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: The LIEographies

The LIEography (TM) of Babe Ruth The LIEography of Thomas Edison The LIEography of Harry Houdini: The Absolutely Untrue, Totally Made Up, 100% Fake Life Story of the World's Greatest Escape Artist (Lieographies)

 Alan Katz, author of the Silly Dilly Songs, has created a new series for young readers: The LIEographies, or "Absolute Untrue, Totally Made Up, 100% Fake Life Stor[ies]" about historic figures. He begins with Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, and Harry Houdini. (Other historic, as well as modern, individuals also make cameo mentions in this series.)

If readers appreciate humor and ridiculous reads, this is a series for them. The books are easy to read and quick to finish. They're a great way to introduce children to historical figures (even if nothing is true about them.) The author does include a "For Real!" section which suggests additional (true) titles they can enjoy. I would have liked to see more in the "For Real!" section instead of just titles for more information.

I hope readers realize the stories are false and humorous. Is there a possibility that readers will believe these ridiculous stories? I'm not sure. I hope they never end up in a school report! These books would work well for comparison biography reports. I don't need to read these stories again, but if readers want something outrageous this is for them. I would recommend these titles to students around third grade.

Reviewed from NetGalley copies. Thank you, INscribe Digital!
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