Monday, July 16, 2018

Review: Together Forever

Together Forever by Jody Hedlund reviewed by Miss Pippi Reads

Together Forever is the second book in Jody Hedlund's series, Orphan Train. Books one, With You Always, was published in 2017 and was a fantastic read. This second title is equally mesmerizing. Once I cracked open the book, I could not put it down.
I would recommend reading With You Always before reading Together Forever, but if you can't wait you can jump in and read this one first in the series. Book one focuses on building a city in the the western land of Illinois. Book two shares the story of placing children from New York into homes located in the West (today's Mid-West).

Again, I had preconceived notions about Together Forever. I thought the story would pick up in Illinois where With You Always left off. Nope. Readers will head back to New York and go on a new adventure. Yes, characters from book one are in book two, but this could almost be a standalone. Hedlund writes a very compelling story and is fantastic at honing in on the main characters while sharing tidbits from previous characters. I definitely closed the book satisfied, but craving more from the world she created. I cannot wait for the next installment in her Orphan Train series!

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Genre: Historical Fiction
Time Period: 1850's
Location: New York and Illinois

I received this book as a gift from Jody Hedlund.

Title: Together Forever
Series: Book 2, Orphan Train
Author: Jody Hedlund
ISBN: 9780764218057

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