Monday, March 27, 2017

Review: For Love and Honor

For Love and Honor is Jody Hedlund's third title in her medieval series, An Uncertain Choice. As with the previous titles, it is action packed from beginning to end. The series is linked together with the previous two titles, An Uncertain Choice and A Daring Sacrifice, but it can be read as a standalone story.

For Love and Honor (An Uncertain Choice, #3)
This story focuses on the handsome (and rejected) Sir Bennet. He returns home to take over his brother's land because he cannot manage the family property. Bennet's brother, Aldric, has sunk the family into debt and the neighbors are not pleased. Bennet is taking charge and needs to save the his family's land, priceless antiques, and their lives. Enter Sabine who wants to purchase some priceless treasures, but her Grandmother has matchmaking on her mind.

Hedlund crafts such a great medieval story. This time period in history isn't my top genre, but her writing is so enjoyable! I savored Sabine's independence and uniqueness. I loved Bennet's caring and determination (until it moved to stubbornness). Even though the characters lived years in the past, similar questions and feelings can be felt by readers today. Sabine's uncertainties were very understandable. The struggle for acceptance is one so many of us face.

The story is, again, shared between two voices - Bennet and Sabine. The fonts change so the reader can distinguish who is sharing their story. The story wraps up in this novel, but I would like to hear more about Aldric. He began his recovery journey, but I would like to hear more... When you read an enjoyable story, one book is never enough!

Time Period: Medieval, 1391
Location: Maidstone Castle, Hampton

Reviewed from a review copy. Thank you, Zondervan and Jody Hedlund!
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