Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Kill My Softly

Kill Me SoftlyKill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

I always look forward to reading a new fairytale story. I knew Kill My Softly was rewritten tales and the font captured my interest. The bloody rose did not inspire me to read the book. If you're put off by the cover, open the book and start reading!

Sarah Cross weaves together several fairytales, both well-known and obscure. Those who live the life of a fairytale character are marked with a sign. Nothing happens until they turn sixteen. On their sixteenth birthday, their tales begin to take shape in their lives.

Cross focuses on only a few of the characters who live in Beau Rivage. The main character is Mirabelle who is discovering the history and stories in Beau Rivage. I was familiar with the stories Cross chose, but she also kept me on my reading toes. The reveal at the end was breathtaking.

So far, Kill My Softly is a standalone piece. Mirabelle's story (for the most part) is concluded. I still wonder about the other characters who came alive in this novel. I think Cross would have a fantastic Beau Rivage series if she shared the fates of her other fairytale characters. I anxiously await more stories!

Reviewed from a library copy.
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