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Review: Waves of Mercy

Waves of Mercy is one of the the newest novels by Lynn Austin. Every time I look at the cover the song "Every Move I Make (Waves Of Mercy)" comes to mind. It's a good song and I would recommend looking it up. I will also share that it is not related to Austin's book. Austin's story is based in Holland, Michigan which is on the shores of Lake Macatawa (off of Lake Michigan). Austin also weaves in an ocean voyage across the Atlantic. The characters live near water or stay in a hotel near the lake. On Austin's blog, she shares a behind-the-scenes peek at Waves of Mercy.

Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin reviewed by Miss Pippi Reads
I was taken aback when I opened the book. (I didn't read the description thoroughly because I loved the cover and the author.) I didn't realize the story was in two voices and when between different time periods. I grumbled a bit for the first couple chapters, but soon lost myself in Anna and Geesje stories. They share their troubles, fears, struggles, and faith journeys. It was so beautifully written and felt so honest about their thoughts and feelings. I would not consider this a fluffy romantic story, but one of contemplation. I think if I read it again, it would be like reading it for the first time because the story's depth. It ended unexpectedly for me. I think there could be a sequel but I honestly do not know. I'm hoping so. I want to hear more about Anna's journey and the friends she met while staying at Hotel Ottawa in Holland.

Time Period: 1897 / 1840's
Location: Holland, Michigan and Netherlands

Reviewed from a complimentary copy. Thank you, Lynn Austin and Bethany House!

Title: Waves of Mercy
Author: Lynn Austin
ISBN: 9780764217616

Book Quote from Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin

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