Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Love's Faithful Promise

Love's Faithful Promise is the third and final book in Susan Ann Mason's series, Courage to Dream. I greatly enjoyed book one, Irish Meadows and book two, A Worthy Heart. Before reading book three, I reread A Worthy Heart to reacquaint  myself with the O'Learys. I fell in the love with this family in the first novel and looked forward to hearing about them again and again.

Miss Pippi Reads Love's Faithful Promise by Susan Ann Mason
The two youngest O'Leary children, Deirdre and Connor, have grown up. Deirdre wants to become a doctor and Connor desires to work at Irish Meadows. Deirdre ends her educational dreams to care for her mother after a stroke and opens her heart to a cantankerous doctor from Toronto with a young daughter. Connor is working his way up in the ranks by starting at the bottom, per his father's instructions. He's in charge of a young new hand that is quiet and mysterious.

Deirdre's story is the most prominent of the two siblings, but Connor's tale is shared. Most of the book is set at Irish Meadows which is the home of the O'Leary's. It was good to return to Irish Meadows (most of book two is set in New York City). When tragedy strikes, the calm and beautiful surroundings of Irish Meadows brings an added layer of healing to more than just the O'Learys.

Besides the setting, I liked the time period of Love's Faithful Promise. WWI occurred between book two and three. The unrest was mentioned in book two and medical after effects were mentioned in book three. Dr. Matthew Clayborne is treating soldiers who were injured in the war. He is part of a new medical movement working in physical therapy.

It's been a captivating read. I cannot believe I need to say goodbye to the O'Learys. Thank you for an excellent series, Susan Anne Mason! Courage to Dream is a series I want to continue savoring. I look forward to see what historical fiction story you'll be writing next!

Time Period: Post WWI, 1922
Location: Toronto, Long Island, and New York City

Reviewed from a complimentary copy. Thank you, Susan Ann Mason and Bethany House!

Title: Love's Faithful Promise
Author: Susan Anne Mason
Series: Book 03, Courage to Dream
ISBN: 9780764217265
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