Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: The Bride Next Door

The Bride Next Door (Texas Grooms, #2)The Bride Next Door by Winnie Griggs

Book Two: Texas Grooms

Daisy's father won a piece of property in Turnabout through a poker match. Daisy claims the deed and makes her way to Turnabout to setup a restaurant and create a home for herself. The property is a bit rundown, but a little hard work will go a long way. Daisy's building neighbor, Everett, is startled by this new townswoman. He's routine has been interrupted by Daisy, but he can't decide if this interruption is a bother or a possible blessing.

The Bride Next Door is the second book in the series Texas Grooms. The couple from the previous story as well as other community members make appearances throughout the story. If readers have not read book one, Handpicked Husband, they will still enjoy The Bride Next Door. Book two focuses on Daisy and Everett with glimpses as the other characters.

Daisy and Everett is a story about opposites. Everett wants to move and Daisy wants to set down roots. Daisy wants a family and community involvement while Everett would be comfortable cutting ties and keeping people (and God) as acquaintances. As their friendship grows they see each others' strengthens as well as ways to help each other. A stiff friendship grows to appreciation and love.

Time Period: Western, 1895
Location: Turnabout, Texas, United States

Reviewed from a NetGalley copy. Thank you, Harlequin Love Inspired!
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