Monday, February 08, 2016

Review: A Worthy Heart

A Worthy Heart is the second book in Susan Ann Mason's series, Courage to Dream. I greatly enjoyed book one, Irish Meadows. When A Worthy Heart arrived in the mail, I went in search of my copy of Irish Meadows. A re-read of the first book was needed.

I'm so glad I could jump into Mason's Courage to Dream world again. Irish Meadows was great and Mason does not disappoint in A Worthy Heart. It's worth a read, friends! Not only does the story delve into the life of mystery brother, Adam O'Leary, but two Montgomery siblings arrive from Ireland. Don't worry about missing out on the characters you read about in Irish Meadows, they are present and very much a part of this book. Every one grows through faith, conflicts, illness, and love. For under 400 pages, Mason writes a wonderfully complex storyline. I liked Maggie Montgomery's story, but Adam's life was beautifully heart-wrenching. He'd fallen to the bottom of his pit and was picking himself up. It's amazing how faith and friends can help raise someone up who is struggling. I especially loved Mason's honesty about Adam O'Leary in her Author's Note: she didn't like him in book one, but the more she got to know him, the more she loved him.

I hope more Courage to Dream books are coming! I feel connected to the O'Leary/Montgomery family and I want more. Thanks for an excellent series, Ms. Mason!

Time Period: Turn of the Century, 1914
Location: Long Island and New York City, New York, USA

Reviewed from a complimentary copy. Thank you, Susan Ann Mason and Bethany House!

Title: A Worthy Heart
Author: Susan Anne Mason
Series: Book 02, Courage to Dream
ISBN: 9780764217258

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