Friday, February 05, 2016

Review: The 4x4 Diet Book

When The 4 x 4 Diet book arrived in the mail, I paged through it quickly then sat down to read a couple pages. I ended up reading the entire book in one evening!

Erin Oprea wrote in a friendly and down-to-earth style. It read more like a friend talking with you than just an informational text or a lecture. She was encouraging and wanted her readers to see the diet as making a healthy lifestyle choice rather than a quick diet. She wants everyone to live a better and longer life. Her 4 x 4 diet takes 4 weeks to implement. It's not a jump into the deep end decision, which I appreciate. Each week you start to do something a little different with your food decisions. It feels like a plan everyone can follow with easy to know numbers and baby steps to better living.

The workout portion reminded me of burst training that my chiropractor talked about last year. Erin Opera talks about the tabata method which you push hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in 8 rounds. She shares an array of movements through photographs in the book. (She also shares some short videos on her Twitter, too!) She encourages readers to find tabatas that they enjoy and find their own routine of 8 movements. Readers can follow her routines in the book or get into your groove with her suggestions.

The 4 x 4 makes me feel confident to try some new exercises. I've been pondering burst training (or tabata) and I feel I have some great information to get me started. Thanks, Erin!

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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