Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Infuse

Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water is a fantastic recipe book to capture the tastes of summer and freshness. Prum and Williams created a book that can be used as a great summer activity, but also a way to keep fresh foods enjoyable all year long. They share recipes that infuse oil, alcohol, and water. Some recipes are to be enjoyed immediately, while others beg you to take your time.

Miss Pippi Reads reviews Infuse by Eric Prum & Josh WilliamsThe infuse recipes are divided into three sections: oil, spirit, and water. The delicious liquids are accompanied by other recipes as well. The food recipes range from apps to drinks to main courses. The focus is on the infusions, so most of the recipes are liquid, but the additional recipes are an added bonus.

The design of the book is beautiful. The colors are muted and natural. The photographs give a wonderful feel and look to the book. The ingredients are minimal and precisely laid out on a wooden surface. It feels natural and homey with the use of canning jars, wood, metal, glass, and fresh ingredients. They created a book that makes a newbie (like myself) want to jump and in and muddle, infuse, taste, and savor.

Infuse: Oil, Spirit, WaterI cannot wait to capture the tastes of summer this year. I look forward to sharing this book with others or bringing a new concoction to gathering. Thank you, gentlemen!

For more information about Eric Prum & Josh Willams, visit their website: The Mason Shaker. You can purchase their books as well as their mason jar products and find recipes.

Thank you, Blogging for Books for this review copy! I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

Title: Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water
Author: Eric Prum & Josh Williams
ISBN: 9780804186766

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