Sunday, February 03, 2013

Review: Unrivaled

UnrivaledUnrivaled by Siri Mitchell

Lucy Kendall returns home to St. Louis from her grand European tour with her aunt and uncle. Her mother wanted her to become a lady and step into soceity. Lucy wanted to return to the candy business with her father. She even brought European treats to share and possibly generate new candies to help grow the business. Yet, when Lucy arrives home she is told her father is ill and the business needs to sold.

Charlie Clarke arrives in St. Louis at the bidding of his absent father. Clarke senior holds many regrets but he grew his candy business to one day pass on to his son. Charlie becomes Charles and a society introduction with a beautiful girl crumbles when he discovers the mystery girl is her father's candy rival - a Kendall.

Both young people want nothing more than to help their families. Lucy wants City Confections to and her father to live. Charlie seeks a father he never had growing up in Chicago. They are filled with dreams and schemes, but eventually someone needs to fold.


Ms. Mitchell is a familiar author and I grabbed up her latest novel with abandon. I was so thrilled I never bothered to read the description. I jumped in with certain expectations and nearly stopped reading at page one. Mitchell's piece takes place at the turn of the century in St. Louise and the chapters switch between Lucy's and Charlie's first person perspectives. (My favorite century is the 1800's and I prefer the third person perspective.) Mitchell's theme of candy manufacturing really sold me on reading this book. Her characters are strong, likeable, and realistic. The historical tidbits are fascinating as well as the descriptions of creating treats. The faith aspect is pretty light, but it's a great read with many themes to reflect and savor - love, family, rivalry, business, society, expectations, truth, friendship, and sweets!

Reviewed from a NetGalley copy. Thank you, Baker Publishing Group: Bethany House Publishers!


  1. I really enjoyed this one, but then again, I've enjoyed all of the books by Siri Mitchell that I've read. I have to say she is probably one of my favorite authors.

    I find that my favorite books are usually written in first person, so I guess overall that is the style I prefer...but of course I've read some awesome books written in third-person as well.

    Glad you stuck with the book and didn't let the first-person style scare you away! I really enjoyed the candy making aspects, it was just such a unique plot. :)

    1. I love a good candy book. :) There are a few Juvenile Fiction books that focus on candy. Before I read Unrivaled, I listened to Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull. It's second in his Candy Shop War series. Fun stuff!


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