Monday, May 08, 2017

Review: The Chapel Car Bride

Moonshine. Unions. Mining.

The Chapel Car Bride review by Miss Pippi ReadsTravel with the Irvines to a coal mining town of Finch, West Virginia to share the Gospel. The chapel car is divided between living space for Hope and her father as well as a small chapel to host worship services. While her father preaches in the chapel car, Hope gathers the children outside to share lessons.

Small-town Finch varies drastically from Pittsburgh. Beyond Hope's physical journey along the railway, Hope takes new paths in her spiritual and emotional life. She meets two men who offer their help, but with different motives. One is selfish while the other works on being selfless. Outward appearances might strike your fancy, but it's truly what is on the inside that will attract a partner.


I enjoyed journeying with the Irvines in this standalone book. It's a turn of the century / pre-World War time period and presented in a new way. The chapel car idea was new to me and very interesting. I liked reading about the spiritual growth of the characters through their trials and triumphs. Beyond getting to know the father and daughter mission team, there are two love interests as well as the community of Finch. Judith Miller is a prolific writer and if you like the railway, I would highly recommend reading her series Postcards From Pullman. Visit Miller's website for a full list of available titles as well as contact information!

Time Period: Progressive Era, 1913
Location: Finch, West Virginia

I received this book for free from Bethany House for an honest review.

Title: The Chapel Car Bride
Author: Judith Miller
ISBN: 9780764219054

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