Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Rooted in Design

When I first paged through Rooted in Design, I was not drawn to it. The photographs seemed stylized and too urban; the ratio of project how-to's versus plain text was uneven to my eyes. I'm from a suburban area and the authors are from Chicago and New York. The plants might be the same, but the housing and room decor depicted didn't feel familiar. For two months, I left Rooted in Design on my to-read shelf at home. I needed to give this book an honest chance. I'm glad I did!

Miss Pippi Reads reviews Rooted In Design
After actually reading the text, not just relying on the photographs or the eight Make If Your Own how-to's, this is a very well put together book. The authors offer different design ideas for every living space. It doesn't matter if you have an apartment or a house. It doesn't matter if you have floor space, wall space, table space, or ledge space. They share plenty of ideas for plant lovers. They offer ideas from the floor to the ceiling, from attaching to the wall to movable walls of plants. Beyond just room design, they share their plant knowledge from plant design to plant care. If you enjoy live plants or preserved plants, they have projects for every type of indoor gardener.

I currently have numerous houseplants. They are happily residing on kitchen counters right now, but they will be moving soon! I feel inspired to redesign my plants to fit together better and enhance my living spaces. Rooted in Design was described as a having DIY projects, tips, and guidance. I agree! Before winter sets in, I'm going to put on some garden gloves and get dirty!

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

Title: Rooted in Design: Sprout Home's Guide to Creative Indoor Planting
Author: Tara Heibel & Tassy de Give
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9781607746973

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