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Review: An Uncertain Choice

An Uncertain ChoiceAn Uncertain Choice by Jody Hedlund

Lady Rosemarie's life is about to be in an uproar. She witnesses cruelty, which she has forbidden in her kingdom. Rosemarie desires to end all torture and she must stand up for her beliefs. She is also set to enter the convent, when her godfather, the Noblest Knight, Duke of Rivenshire, appears at her castle with startling news. The Vow can be removed if she finds love and is married before her eighteen birthday. There is one month to set the standard of care for her people, find a possibility of a match between the three knights her godfather brought, and prepare her future for marriage or life in the convent.

Our lives are surrounded by choices - what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what to do, what to believe, how to make a stand, whom to befriend. Those all can seem difficult and easy at different times in our lives. When other people come into our decision making it can either muddy the water or make them clearer. It is such a blessing to be able to come to the Lord in prayer. As Lady Rose stated upon coming to a fork in the road, “The decision was too important to make lightly without more prayer.”

Many of our choices in life come from an inner struggle. Not everyone can see what's going on in our hearts or minds. The Lord sees and understands. He hears us. He knows our desires. “For it is often the hardest tasks that build the most character.” It's so important to let your inner beauty shine. Rosemarie wants to be close to her people and show that she cared for them. In finding a match, it was important to find a love that shared her love for serving others. “Marriage doesn't put an end to one's ability to serve God and bring him glory. In fact, I've seen many married couples who have done more for God together than was possible as individuals.”

Jody Hedlund's first YA novel was a capturing read. She shared the importance of inner beauty that loves and cares for others around us as well as taking a stand for what you believe. Rose fought for no torture, which was a common practice in her time. It was important for her to bring peace and care to the people in her land. It was also fun to be wooed through the pages Lady Rosemarie story. Who doesn't love jewelry and compliments and chivalry? Hedlund also showed the struggle in Rosemarie's heart as well as one of her suitors. (Different fonts indicated the change of narration in her novel.)

Rosemarie's story wraps up in this novel, but if you're looking for further reading in this series check out the pre-novella, The Vow. A sequel will be coming out that follows An Uncertain Choice. I'm looking forward to it!

Time Period: Medieval, 1390
Location: Montfort Castle, Ashby

Reviewed from a complimentary copy. Thank you, Jody Hedlund and Zondervan!

Title: An Uncertain Choice
Series: Book 01, An Uncertain Choice
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310749196

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