Monday, February 23, 2015


Earlier this month my co-worker, Amazing Miz L, and I started talking about Twitter. I can't recall what sparked the conversation, but it moved onto an exciting new idea - live tweeting our storytime! People live tweet conferences and other events in their lives, why not storytime?

If you are familiar with Twitter, you know that hashtags can be key in following conferences, locations, humor, campaigns, etc. #StoryTimeLive was already taken, so we needed another unique tag. We put our heads together (and dug through the thesaurus) and decided to go with #StoryTimeLiveWire.

It's been an exciting new adventure! While one of us leads storytime, the other live tweets. It's a fun new way to share what we're doing with others as well as connect with authors, illustrators, and musicians. I'm looking forward to continuing this hashtag adventure. Want to join the fun? Start live tweeting your storytime with #StoryTimeLiveWire!

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