Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: Tear You Apart

Tear You ApartTear You Apart by Sarah Cross

Tear You Apart is a companion to Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross. This novel can be read separately from Cross' first piece, but I would recommend reading Kill Me Softly before Tear You Apart. Characters from the first book reappear in the second as well as small pieces of the earlier storyline. Readers, you will have time to enjoy Kill Me Softly, because Tear You Apart will be published in January 2015.


Cross is so clever with her reinvented fairy tales. When I saw that a new title was coming out, I immediately went to the library to checkout Kill Me Softly in preparation for reading Tear You Apart. (It’s worth a reread for this new title.)

Sarah Cross returned to Beau Rivage to share another couple's story. Again, I became captivated by the fairy tales that intertwined throughout the story. Since fairy tales stories are well known, I could see where some of the storylines lead, but she always managed to change it just a little to take my breath away. I don't want to reveal too much of the twists, but I will share what Cross shared on her website: "Snow White plus the Twelve Dancing Princesses ... and some other fairy tales I'll keep secret for now."

I would recommend this title to teens or adults. Fairy tales are popular for the tweens, but the content is for a mature audience. The characters swear, drink, and deal with murders. Some younger readers are not prepared for that type of content yet.

Just like the companion piece, the story is wrapped up at the end and can standalone. I still wonder about the other characters who came alive in this novel. I think Cross would have a fantastic Beau Rivage series if she shared the fates of her other fairytale characters. I anxiously await more stories!

Reviewed from a NetGalley copy. Thank you, Egmont USA!

ISBN: 9781606845912
eBook ISBN: 9781606845929
Published: January 27, 2015

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