Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam AheadFull Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer

Nicole Renard and Darius Thornton are on missions to save people. Nicole is determined to save her father and his business. Darius has resolved to find an answer to save passengers and crews of steam engine ships. As their paths cross, they find that in order to save others they need to work together and save themselves and their relationships with God.

When I picked up Full Steam Ahead, I assumed it was about trains in the Wild West of America. I was surprised to start reading and discover that it was not about steam trains, but steam boats. What a new niche! It was refreshing and unique. Beyond the theme of engines, Witemeyer weaves in suspense, treasure hunting, family, friendship, self-sacrificing, and faith. I really enjoyed the faith journeys of Nicole and Darius. They were not quick or easy revelations. It was seeing beyond past events and painful experiences. It was digging deeper into the Word and drawing closer to God rather than running away from Him.

This was an excellent read. Witemeyer wrote a novel full of seriousness and humor, adventure and travel, heartache and love. I would highly recommend Full Steam Ahead.

Time Period: Post Civil War, 1851
Location: Galveston & Liberty, Texas, USA

Reviewed from a NetGalley copy. Thank you, Bethany House Publishers!

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