Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Enduring Faith Series

Enduring Faith series by Susan Feldhake
#1 - In Love's Own Time
#2 - Seasons of the Heart
#3 - For Ever and Ever
#4 - Hope for the Morrow
#5 - From This Day Forward
#6 - Joy in the Morning
#7 - Serenity in the Storm
#8 - The Darkness and the Dawn

I finally found the Enduring Faith series! I originally read this series many years ago. It was one of the first series I finished when I discovered Christian fiction. Companion authors at that time included Janette Oke and June Masters Bacher.

My sister and I love to read and exchange books. Of course, Feldhake's books were one of the series we swapped. The only thing we remembered about this series was the character Alton Wheeler and our agreement about the series "ya'know, the series where everyone dies." With a character's name, it was easy to find the series at the library. Our statement is closer to a six-word memoir that wraps up our thoughts about the books.

I don't want to throw you off from reading Feldhake's books. Yes, people die in the book, but it's a series based in the 1800's. As a nurse recently stated at an inservice, "it's hard to die today." In history, it was difficult to survive because of illness, accidents, travel, etc. and Feldhake clearly covered it well.

I grew to love the families and neighbors in the Enduring Faith series. They grew together, grew apart, grew up, and grew in faith. As with every up, there were a great many low valleys, but Feldhake's message was to share that the Lord will see you through all trials and triumphs in life. As Fanny shared in book two, "After all, many a time the Good Book says: 'And it came to pass,' never that it came to stay!"

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