Monday, August 05, 2013

Review: The Bramble

The BrambleThe Bramble by Lee Nordling

Nordling and Zick are very talented men. They have an amazing list of project they have helped to create (view the author bios on the dust jacket). Unfortunately, this title didn't strike home for me.

It's a nearly wordless graphic novel. The illustrations are intricate with a dark overtone and the reader can follow along with the overall story. The boy wants to play tag, but the other children don't want to play with him. He visits the Bramble and discovers new creatures and how to stand up for himself. He goes back to play with the children and he's finally accepted. I think the audience is for older elementary students. You could have some discussions about different group games, what would you see behind a Bramble, or situations where you showed bravery. If there is interest in wordless graphic novels, this could be a choice, but I prefer the Owly series by Andy Runton.  

Reviewed from a NetGalley copy. Thank you, Lerner Publishing Group and Carolrhoda Books!

ISBN: 9780761358565
Published: September 2013

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