Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: The Measure of Katie Calloway

Measure of Katie Calloway, The: A NovelMeasure of Katie Calloway, The: A Novel by Serena Miller

Katie Calloway survived Sherman's march through Georgia, but she might not survive the return of her unstable and abusive husband. After another hurtful beating, she takes her younger brother and ran away to the wild Michigan woods. Lumber camp owner, Robert Foster, offers Katie the job as camp cook and promises that everyone will treat her with respect. Katie revels in the daily camp life and keeps her fears to herself. Will her past catch up with her future?
Serena Miller shares an enjoyable story set in the Post Civil War era. She highlights the lumberjack life that is well known in the Midwestern states. Miller could have fleshed out a few details, but overall everything wove together for a great read. If you enjoyed this tale, I would recommend The White Pines Chronicles by Hilda Stahl.

Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge? Yes! Miller includes a memorable Christmas scene in her novel.

Time Period: Post Civil War, 1860's
Location: Georgia and Michigan, USA

Reviewed from a library copy.

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