Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review: Claiming Mariah

Claiming MariahMariah Malone seeks to mend the damage her father did to his former partner. Donovan's son, Slade, comes to the ranch and claims ownership of the Malone's land. Mariah needs to care for her family, but she also wants to repair the past. Slade also wants to care for his family and the land would bring his family a home and a living they need.

Mariah Malone and Slade Donovan come head to head with their love of their families and their stubbornness to care for their loved ones. It's a also a tale of half-truths. Everyone has a story that goes unshared until it is nearly too late to repair or build a stronger relationship.

It's such a blessing that the Lord is there to watch over His children! As Hillman shared through Mariah, "God doesn't keep us from trouble; He keeps us through it." Every character is fighting a battle - either with feelings, money, physical changes, the past, and even the future. Love needs to triumph because love gives hope and hope builds faith and faith brings peace.

Claiming Mariah focused on Mariah and Slade, but other characters were also brought into play - Buck and Amanda. I definitely believe there is a story to follow! If it's a book about them or separate books featuring each character, I don't care. I would love to hear their stories.

Time Period: Western, 1800's
Location: Wisdom, Texas, USA

Reviewed from a library copy.

Title: Claiming Mariah
Author: Pam Hillman
Publisher: Tyndale
ISBN:  9781414389752

Monday, April 20, 2015

Update: Q&A a Day

I began using Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal by Potter Style at the beginning of March (about a month and a half ago). I wanted to share an update as I stated in the original review,

"I'm looking forward to restarting a journal. The pages are sturdy with gold trim. Fun and fancy while being practical. I hope to share an update as I journal along with this 5-Year Journal. I might even see what the other journals offer. Potter Style has a journal for kiddos, creatives, and more! Excellent idea, Potter Style. I think you have a winner!"

It's still a winner! And part of my evening route, that I've only missed a couple times since it's arrival in the mail. The days I skipped were days when I've been sick or too exhausted to write. I've been amused by the daily questions and how perfect some of them fit into the day's events. Some prompts didn't always fit, but being a personal journal, you can write what you wish or take a tangent. It's fun. I'm looking forward to continuing the Q&A a Day. I also want to invest in a couple other journals for friends and family members.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

Title: Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal
Publisher: Potter Style
ISBN:  9780307719775
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