Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Jewelry Upcycled!

Jewelry Upcycled!: Techniques and Projects for Reusing Metal, Plastic, Glass, Fiber, and Found ObjectsJewelry Upcycled!: Techniques and Projects for Reusing Metal, Plastic, Glass, Fiber, and Found Objects by Sherri Haab

Sherri Haab and daughter Michelle Haab create a fun and entertaining new jewelry technique and project book. They provide over twenty projects for beginning to advanced crafters. Upcycled materials include metal, plastics, glass, cloth, found objects and more! Along with how-to's they include mini galleries after each chapter. The galleries create great springboards for making your own jewelry.

I browsed through the book I enjoyed the following projects:

Gift Card Jewelry (any plastic cards)

Plastic Bottle Jewelry (PET plastic bottle, soda or water type)

Shampoo Bottle Bead Charm Bracelet (shampoo or soap bottles)

Sewing Snap Jewelry (snaps, hook-and-eye closure)

Electronic Scrap Ring (broken cell phone or electronic parts)

Happy crafting!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Review: The Thirteenth Princess

The Thirteenth PrincessThe Thirteenth Princess by Diane Zahler

"My name is Zita, and I am the thirteenth princess. My twelve sisters are legendary, even in faraway kingdoms, but I am sure that you have never heard of me."

Zita was the last princess born. The king lost his wife and his daughters lost their mother. In his grief, the king banished his youngest daughter to the servants' quarters. Zita struggles not be noticed by her unhappy father, yet yearns to know her sisters. Triumph and tragedy mingle when the princesses discover an abandoned dumb waiter in the castle.

Diane Zahler recreated a new twist on the classic tale of The Twelve Dancing Princesses from the Brothers Grimm. Zahler's adaptation is beautifully written for middle school fairytale lovers. She adds mystery, adventure, magic and splashes of romance. If readers enjoy this classic tale, I would also recommend Entwined by Heather Dixon.

Reviewed from a library copy.
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